Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Clinic

Michelle got her drain out today! Her bloodwork continues to look good. Here's hoping the new medication will help drain off some of that extra fluid. Her new liver showed growth on ultrasound! They are still concerned about small for size syndrome, but not panicking at this time. She is home and recovering from the trauma of the drain. Such a warrior!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Little Liver That Could

From great to mini crisis. I guess this is the life of a newly transplanted patient. Michelle got to come home yesterday. She has a drain insitu to help reduce the accumulating fluid in her abdomen. The team is not quite sure what is causing the problem or what they will do about it yet. They are running a bunch of tests, and Michelle is to go into clinic tomorrow and hopefully they will have a plan of attack. Her blood counts continue to look good, thus the liver is doing what it needs to from that aspect. It may be that there is just a heavy load for this little liver, and that over time things will catch up. Hopefully providing a release of the excess fluids will relieve some of the stress. The fluid, and now the placement of the drain are causing Michelle considerable pain. I know everyone is keeping her in their thoughts and prayers, thank you!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bump In the Road

Michelle has had some painful distension of her adbomen. It got increasingly bigger and more painful, and of course the team is concerned. Today she is at VGH. She underwent an ultrasound, and they have now put in a drain. Jarvie says they are going to test the fluid. Likely to see where it is coming from and whether there is any infection. Michelle may have to be readmitted to the hospital today. Please pray this is not the case, and that whatever is causing the fluid and pain is easy to repair. Tater tot has struggled with his mama's recent hospitalization, and Michelle worries greatly about how he would handle a readmission. Please pray for a terrific outcome!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

No News Is Good News

Michelle is doing great! Originally they wanted to see her in clinic twice a week for awhile, but after today's appt they have decided to stretch her to once every two weeks! Do not be mistaken, she is still dealing with intense surgical pain, and has to be gentle on her stomach in terms of nutrition, and get a ton of rest. The team is impressed with her progress, but have said she is not out of the woods yet.

Thank you for your continued prayers, I know Michelle feels them. If anything new comes up I'll try to keep everyone informed.


Monday, March 8, 2010


Michelle had her first clinic appt today, and they're so impressed with her progress! Her blood levels are slowly improving, her kidneys are working fine, her incision is now uncovered where only a few days ago there was a bag to contain all the drainage! So many blessings!

Miss M is feeling like there is still some fluid in her lungs, especially when she lies down. Please pray for this to resolve.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

No Place Like Home

Michelle is doing great at home, surrounded by her loved ones! She looks really good, but very thin. They have told her it could take months for her body to hold onto any weight. For now the focus is on staying healthy and getting stronger. Her pain has changed, and seems more manageable than pre-transplant. She came home draining away from her incision, to wake up this morning and only need one small dressing! She looks rested, and has a great glow about her. Home was a great choice : )


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here's the Great News!

Michelle was discharged home last night! She only told Jarvie at home, so was going to just show up and surprise her mama, Jack, and Tater Tot! Here is a note from Michelle's mama that sums up the last couple of days really well. Thank you prayer warriors!

From Jer last night:
Today showed a decrease in Michelle's liver counts, which means things are improving. This is the second day in a row this has happened. Also, they saw that her new liver is growing very well!

Rachel Kuhn has done an amazing and exemplary job of serving Michelle, with lots of love and massages and laying on of hands, and helping her in every way possible, putting in long hours at the hospital. We could not have done it this week without her. Thank you Rachel.

This evening, Michelle was told she could be released from the hospital tonight and go home!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel was with her and was so excited she was running back and forth six blocks several times with personal belongings to put in the car! They said they trust her to read the signs in her body, and to return to the hospital if any of the warning signs are observed. They feel she will heal better at home, and be able to eat the foods that will nurture her back to health! And it will be healing to be reunited with her son. So she came home.

Please continue to pray for her body's acceptance of the grafting of her liver and for the liver's continued improvement in function. Also that her digestive and eliminative system be restored to optimum health, with all fluids and gases dissipating as part of the healing process, allowing all her organs to function normally. As her health improves, may there be a gradual and easeful relinquishment of all pain medications.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.


Friday, March 5, 2010


Big news this evening. I don't want to ruin any surprises, so you all will have to wait until tomorrow! *wink*


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Special Day : )

Three years ago today, in the wee hours of the morning, sweet Nater Tater came into the world.

This little guy was so wanted by his parents. Michelle had a difficult labor, due to her Wilson's disease she was permitted very little intervention in terms of pain control. Jarvie called her his hero. I never saw a mother so proud as she showed off her new little bundle. Sienna caught a first glimpse of her new buddy.

Tater tot is a charmer, and everyday he shows he is brilliant and strong like his mama.

We love you little dude, Happy 3rd Birthday!

xoxo tracey, craig, and sienna

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who You Calling Small?

Small For Size Syndrome. This is what they suspect Michelle might be dealing with. They took a look yesterday and decided they didn't need to add a shunt after all. The doctors are really impressed with how Michelle is doing, it's just those darn liver enzymes that are elevated. They are actually talking discharge, hopefully soon! Michelle has been granted a day pass for little man's birthday this weekend! All steps in the right direction. Praying Michelle's new liver will grow quickly and put an end to this issue. Michelle has such a great energy about her, if anyone can make an organ grow it will be her!

Miss M was discharged from hospital today! She is doing so well, it looks like she will be able to go back to the island sooner than originally thought. Hurray!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Procedure

Michelle is going to get a shunt today, to help with drainage of bile that has been accumulating around the liver. Hopefully this will help reduce irritation to the liver and maybe reverse whatever is causing her recent troubles. She continues to feel pretty good considering. The procedure is scheduled to be done under conscious sedation. Please pray that the procedure is flawless, and that it will actually help improve the function and engraftment of Michelle's new liver.