Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update and A Big Thanks!

Michelle had clinic today. Things are going pretty good. Her rejection score has improved quite a bit since her last visit, so this is fantastic. The struggles at this point are still related to Small For Size Syndrome, and splenic pain. It is uncertain if her spleen will ever recover. Only time will tell. As for her last banding session, no esophageal varices were found at that time. Yea!

A huge thank you is due to the Fraternal Order of Eagles Maple Ridge Aerie #2831. This group took Michelle's family on as one of their charities this past fiscal year, and the Way's were recently honored with a cheque for nearly $1200!!! Awesome! Thank You!


Friday, April 9, 2010


I just wanted to drop in and say hello and thank you for seeing Miss M and me through this life saving and life altering process. The enormous support, interest and amount of love and prayers has amazed and humbled us both.

I saw Miss M this week-end and we compared our matching owies and celebrated the return of mobility and semblance of strength.

We want to write our stories in more detail but they are still unfolding. We are still mopping the sweat from our brows as we recover and climb this giant mountain with regular life at the apex. For now we both hope our loved ones will understand our relative silence and the box of unwritten thank you cards we both carry around with us. They will be sent, we are eternally grateful and could not have survived without you.

I have been enjoying a 3 week break from the transplant clinic which has given me a chance to feel, heal and spend time with my Tot and family. It has taken awhile for the trauma of seeing things a 2 year old should never have to see to soothe and fade. The Tot can mostly sleep through the night without crying for me, looking to make sure I haven't gone back "to the doctor's house". I can't offer any promises but only to reassure that I AM HERE! We've had so many joyful moments. The haircut with the giggles, the morning whisper chats, photo shoots, bike rides, wheelchair races and many many others. I am so happy to be here, be alive and so thankful to you, my family and, of course, the warrior that made it possible.... my dear friend, Miss M. xoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo Much love.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Michelle is going for banding today. Just when she thought that part of her life was over. During an abdominal ultrasound they found some varices on her new liver. This could be related to the suspected small for size syndrome. Hopefully they will not find any varices in her esophagus today. She could definitely use some prayers!