Saturday, January 29, 2011


Michelle was discharged home last night! Just talked with her Mama and got a bit of an update. After her procedure yesterday Michelle wasn't feeling very well, but was able to go home. She continues to not feel well today, but will hopefully feel better as some of the sedation drugs leave her system and her other meds are regulated. She will be going to the transplant clinic on thursday, when she should also get the results from the samples taken from her lungs yesterday.

"Are We There Yet?"

Michelle was hoping to be released yesterday, but the team reviewing her respiratory status wanted to do a little more investigation. She was scheduled for a bronchoscopy yesterday at 11am. They wanted to take some samples from each lung, hoping to get a better answer as to what is causing her pneumonia. I haven't heard how the procedure went or any results yet. Michelle was told to quit asking about discharge estimations, so just trying to take one day at a time. Her primary doc called this admission a "tune-up", which highlights I suppose that a transplant doesn't end after surgery. Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


There were some concerns that there might be something more...but it's "just" pneumonia. Still cr@ppy, but I'm guessing better than the alternatives. The doc came up to see Michelle after a CT scan to report "you're going to live"! She has pneumonia bilaterally(both lungs). They want to try to determine exactly what the cause is so to best treat, then she can be on her way! Hopefully she will be home today, tomorrow at the latest. Unfortunately her admission to Delta Hosp resulted in a little fluid loading, and she has some very uncomfortable bloating in her abdomen. Hopefully this will pass soon. Things have been been rough with Michelle's breathing for months, and it is suspected she could have been brewing something since the summer! So this is what immunocompromised looks like...
Here's hoping that with answers you will find relief! Love ya Chikadee!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Difficult Times

Michelle is in the hospital tonight. Unfortunately a few days ago she was struck with horrible chest pain and difficulty breathing. Turns out she has pneumonia. A couple of days in her local, small-town hospital for IV antibiotics, she was discharged home yesterday. She and I spoke yesterday evening. She didn't sound well and was having a lot of pain in her swollen abdomen. She went to see her family physician today, and I don't have all the details, but she has been admitted into Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). She is expecting to be put on the transplant floor. The doctors suspect she may have another infection along with the pneumonia. She is on heavy duty antibiotics and may have to stay on them for some time. The little liver-that-could remains on the small side, but is holding it's own right now. Michelle is really hurting tonight not being able to be with her son. Also, she lost her Grannie last week, and she was really hoping to be available for Gramps. Please pray for Michelle's health, and for her family as they wade through these difficult times.