Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making It "Work"

Michelle is doing pretty great! Starting back to work at 6 months post-op is such a big feat, and she's genuinely excited about it. The Ways are working hard to keep themselves afloat and be independent. They will be forever grateful for all of your help this past year, but are now hoping to adjust to their new life and make it on their own. Thank you friends!

Miss M. is also doing well, but unfortunately is not entitled to the same financial support in her return to work program. Apparently employment insurance here in BC only gives you 15weeks coverage, even if you've given up half your liver. Miss M. has made a valiant effort to return to work full-time, but has thus far been unable to tolerate this schedule. She has had to cut back her hours until she is stronger. Miss M. has given our Michelle an amazing, self-less gift. We are now turning to you dear friends to help us help her in her recovery. We are collecting donations, and considering a fundraiser to help top-up Miss M. until she can return to work full-time. Donations will be accepted through our paypal account or via cheque to the Michelle Way Trust. Please quote Miss M. in the memo of your cheque or on your paypal donation so that any funds coming in will be directed to the appropriate recipient.

We know times are tight, but we wouldn't ask if we didn't feel it was for a good cause.

Thank you for all the continued support!