Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Transplant-iversary!

One year ago today. I still have all the text messages on my cell phone that were exchanged this day and many from the days that followed. Who was going into surgery at that moment, how it was going, when everyone was out, how pleased the doctors were with how it all went. Meghan* gave a piece of her life so Michelle could continue hers. That is pure magic!
It's hard to believe it's been a year already. My home phone message remains unchanged, from when I had to put my contact info for media to reach me if I wasn't home. People wanted Michelle's story, they wanted her to get her surgery. And she did! It's been a hard journey, but as an outsider I can see she is doing so much better. She is vibrant and glowing. She has more energy and is back to doing many of the things she couldn't do when she was unwell.
Meghan gave a selfless gift, complete with it's own sacrifices. She is also doing great and is back to the things she loves, like riding her horses and getting engaged to be married!
What a year it's been for these ladies! To celebrate organ donation month, Meghan and Michelle's story will be published in the April edition of Reader's Digest. Watch for it coming soon!

*let's not kid ourselves, most of you know Meghan is Miss M, so let's give the lady some credit and use her real name!

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  1. So funny, I had no idea you were using Miss M as a secret identity, I thought it was just a nice title you were giving her!
    Once again I will say, as a friend of Meghan's, but a huge fan of Michelle's, how grateful I have been for this blog and all the updates and the hope and the joy and the battles won that have been capture here.